Mountain Harbor supports "Fab-u-lous - Back to School Edition" event in Mount Ida

Mountain Harbor Resort is proudly sponsoring Jessica Youngblood and her Youngblood Ministries Team by providing lodging as they set up the “Fab-u-lous” event in nearby Mount Ida. The evening is meant to empower teenage girls through confidence and Christian guidance alongside a fashion show, guest speakers, exciting door prizes, and live, loud music.

Youngblood Ministries targets small towns like Mount Ida because Jessica herself is from nearby Kirby in Pike County. Her testimony is one that many teens find easy to connect with, as she was a very troubled young person who almost lost her way completely because of drugs and bad influences. Jessica hit rock bottom – and turned her life around. She has created this non-profit company with the sole purpose of hosting small-town events about rising above negative situations to create sustainable, productive, and most importantly, fulfilling lives. Jessica is now very happily married to a Christian man, and has two children with him, as well as another child that she has re-connected with and now shares a relationship with, too. Her husband accompanies her to these events and serves among those on her support staff.

Perhaps quoting one of Jessica’s key themes is the best way to represent the entire event … her testimony, which she provides to the group of teens at the end of the evening, includes this powerful statement: “Your Future is NOT limited by your circumstances; you’re just one choice away from a changed life!"

Jessica has hosted these events in areas of North Arkansas and Southwest Arkansas – it is, however, her first time in Mount Ida. Festivities begin at 6 p.m. Hundreds of girls have already registered; however, admission at the door will be only $10.00 for others wishing to attend. Alongside the music, speakers and activities, makeovers and hair tips, every girl will receive a free back-to-school outfit. Needless to say, Mount Ida will truly be a “hopping” hangout this evening.

We are proud to support Jessica’s message of hope and empowerment to today’s youth. It iss our honor to be part of this wonderful program happening just down the road. Thank you to the Montgomery County Newspaper for doing a great job publicizing the event. Thank you to Mount Ida’s Community Outreach Ministries for hosting the event itself. Finally, we also thank Youngblood Ministries for choosing Montgomery County and Mount Ida as your venue.