Mountain Harbor's Marina Monday: Cooler Temps Bring Great Fall Fishing

From Todd Gadberry, Manager of Mountain Harbor Marina – and long-time lake/fishing/boating expert on Lake Ouachita’s Waters:

"With the modern gun deer season having arrived, many of our fellow Arkansans have journeyed to the woods for some quality time with family and friends.  All are making moments into memories and enjoying a “shot” at a bountiful harvest.  However, there are some that will use this time in late fall and winter to enjoy and utilize the opportunities that our lakes have to offer.  Fishing is good and only going to get better as the lake temperatures cool.  An avid angler knows that fall and winter fishing can rival or surpass the spring spawn for quality and quantities of most fish species.  Crappie are gathered on familiar piles, groups of ‘spots’ and largemouths are schooled together and stripers are ready for the bounty of gorging on shad.  Early and late top water bites are on the horizon or even active in select spots and a cool, cloudy day can bring up the most finicky ‘bucketmouth’ in the group.  Grab your gear, check your tackle and get ready for a great day on the water.  Remember to dress in layers; we all know the weather can change quickly in our region and being too hot or cold can ruin any day on the lake.  Have fun and remember to take a young one fishing when you can!  We need to make sure and pass our knowledge and heritage along to future generations."


Safety orange never looked better! It was a treat this weekend to watch the many families that flooded the surrounding Ouachita National Forest in search of the area's abundant wildlife. Family time spent in the woods is a time-honored tradition for Arkansans - and so many others.


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