Mountain Harbor's Marina Monday: Water Safety

Well, now that a great many of us have sworn off turkey, dressing, wonderful desserts and the like from a week of celebration and thanksgiving, let’s talk a little about a safety issue that has come to my attention recently- swimming around boat docks.  With this blog, we hope that we also create a forum for water safety issues that come up regularly among our customers and guests.

Over the years, I have had a number of conversations with adult customers regarding this topic.  We discuss the dangers involved- being struck by a boat, drowning from an electrical shock due to an improperly grounded boat, striking an unseen submerged object when jumping or diving into the water, etc.- and all of them agree that swimming around the docks is a bad idea; however, the customer will state to me how they will continue to swim or allow their guests and children to swim near the boats and dock.  Unfortunately, I fear that someone will one day be injured or lost and that is a terrible, yet preventable, tragedy that could be averted.  PLEASE do not swim around boat docks!  We wish for all of our guests to be happy, healthy, safe and able to enjoy all of the moments that a lake outing provides.  Remember, have fun and take a young one fishing or out on the lake when you can.