P. Allen Smith Garden Home Crew Films at Mountain Harbor

 P. Allen Smith and crew joined us at Mountain Harbor on Wednesday to film  several segments for upcoming episodes of Allen's reknowned garden shows, and excerpts on his website and blogs. It was an honor to host such a famous Arkansan who takes such pride in his work and in enhancing the beauty of his natural surroundings - something we also cherish here at Harbor. Allen has an excellent team of camera staff, production folks, and writers on his crew. We spent the whole day making sure that each segment filmed here was filled with all the color and detail needed. We can't wait to let everyone know when episodes or excerpts filmed here at Harbor will be featured among the P. Allen Smith array of media.

Allen filmed five different pieces during the day. At right, you'll see a shot of his "picnic how-to" using self-contained fruit and salads and non-disposable products. This was filmed beneath the Restaurant, on the lake side, where we have just enough green grass for a comfy, cozy lunch outside. Our Restaurant staff helped out with fresh biscuits, napkins, and all the tea that the film crew could drink! In the other photo at right, see Allen working with our Stables Manager, John Torbett. They are using "Peanut," here to identify good tips for horse care, stable maintenance, and trail ride safety. A family visiting to Harbor was also kind enough to participate in shooting. John and Allen talked sometime about the importance of careful care to these beautiful creatures that bring joy to so many. Allen has several horses at his farm in Roland, Arkansas.

As a bonus to the day, Allen and team wrapped up with a segment about our homemade planters - created from hollowed trees. At Harbor, we try to waste as little as possible - and use as many native materials as we can. Allen jumped at the chance to create a tutorial for these creative pieces that our own Harbor Landscaping Crews have been using for years. We proudly provided Allen with some of the finest examples - then he and team set to work arranging and situating with their signature taste and style. The C19 Harbor North Cottage is now home to this little flower garden arranged just for Harbor by P. Allen Smith himself. We look forward to preserving and maintaining this creative work just as it is. Pop over and admire this wonderful welcome piece.

We thank this crew again for being at Harbor. We can't wait to see how the segments filmed here will be featured among Allen's work. We graciously thank you, Mr. Smith! Come back soon. Visit the P. Allen Smith Garden Home Blog: http://www.pallensmith.com/blog/ Visit the P. Allen Smith official website at: http://www.pallensmith.com/television