Marina Monday 2/11/2013: Eagle-Watching Barge Tours on Lake Ouachita

Lake Ouachita has been recorded as the site for some 1700 eagles during the wintertime (stats from Travel Arkansas blog). Many choose to stay until as late as mid-February or early March - depending on temperatures in the northern United States. Photos here were shared with the Harbor Marina by the McFadden Family (THANK YOU, BILL!), - and capture the Harbor eagle tour this past Saturday. Apparently, the group had an extremely successful trip - as the photos reveal. Eagle-watching tours are always a gamble, as these majestic creatures are not always easy to spot. Part of their grandeur, in fact, is their extreme intelligence and aggressive hunting ability, as well as their habit of building nests in oftentimes unique places. If you're interested in catching an eagle tour before the end of this winter season, contact the nearby Lake Ouachita State Park by calling 501-767-9366. Or, join us in 2014 for our annual Eagle-watching barge tours and February wildlife seminars!