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Marina Monday: Striper Fishing on Lake Ouachita

  This cold, February weekend hosted BIG Striper excitement on Ouachita (see Randy's 32-pound giant caught on Saturday above and below!)! Called by some sources the "Striper Capital," Ouachita was first introduced to Striper in 1956 when the lake received ...

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Marina Monday: Winter Guests - Eagles on Lake Ouachita

Bundle up tight, slip on your goloshes, pack a sandwich - and go bird-watching! Among the many beautiful things about Lake Ouachita, a special late Fall/winter presence of Bald Eagles is a real sight to behold. They begin arriving sometimes ...

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Mountain Harbor's Marina Monday: Water Safety

Well, now that a great many of us have sworn off turkey, dressing, wonderful desserts and the like from a week of celebration and thanksgiving, let’s talk a little about a safety issue that has come to my attention recently- ...

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